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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 13, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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in a cycle will climb into the mid '60s in the ocean beaches.
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agenda today will be the warmest day of the week. things start to break down will see a little bit of a cooling trend. week we will also see more of the way of cloud cover >> we do have cymling closes and oakland. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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there is a handful of cars right now. as dick with the golden gate bridge. you will probably want to drive with extra caution pin. >>james: apple made their big announcement yesterday.
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finally here. gabe slate is here to talk about. >>gabe: is 18% thinner as the current iphone. i held appeared is thin and
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light. it is also taller than the iphone 4. it teaches apples 86 processor chip which makes it faster. they had said is on the bottom of the phone with sits next to the smaller docks connect appeared. this is a 30 pin lightning adapter. >> it will come and white and black. it will shift--ships by
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september 21st. >> as a physical button on the back where you can attach a span. >> for the first time we are supporting seri on the new ipod touch. >> it has blue to and a sixth hour battery life. >> it is incredibly all portable and allow to light. it is 5 mm fan.
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-- then the-- this will ship in october. >> apple say they myriapods will be the most comfortable at funds. your pets. -- year but is. -- ear buds >>james: sell your old phone yourself. >> on sites like ebay and graceless you will get the most for your old iphone. >>james: doesn't want to do
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less work can choose an online resellers. the white your data clean and right to reject. it is better to act quickly. >> construction workers and the san francisco strike it big on their rare to find. -- tooth find.
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>>james: two separate shootings in oakland over night injured three people. the first and was in east oakland at 98 avenue appeared to people were stuck there appeared the next one was on engle history in west oakland.
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please have no spot suspects in on the shooting and >> a home or early-- burglary causes a of and into school to going to lock them pin all three and 19 year-old san francisco residents. police did finally captured the third suspect. >> the construction workers uncovered fossils on monday. it was a man that tooth and job. it will be put on display in the california academy of sciences.
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>> the google earth enough to show you the wildfire. it is in lake county. it is 75 percent contained. it is expected to be fully contained by saturday. so far in the buildings and damaged. let's go to erica for our weather. pleasant conditions as we head into the afternoon. today is likely to be the warmest day of the week. we do have some dense fog to contend with along the coast. it looks like early clearing.
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there'll be 70 and warm weather with plenty of blue skies. we will have mostly clear conditions in the evening with a light wind. >> here are temperatures right now. as you see they are mostly in the '60s -- 50s. we should see patchy clouds could it really depends on where you are located. the cloud cover is actually only impacting the coastline when a get closer to 12:00 noon. the here are the afternoon highs.
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and looks like livermore will be the warmest temperatures at 96 degrees. the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that we will still see some '90s in the forecast as we head into friday and saturday. in looks like at the beginning of the work week we will fall back into the pattern of morning fog.
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>> it is a quiet morning in the traffic center green bay bridge is moving smoothly. the san mateo bridge is running clear. in the golden gate bridge has patchy dense fog. you need to drive with caution. >> region that see any backups >>james: san francisco police a looking for this man.
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his been missing since last week. officers believe that he may be a danger to himself but they did not say why. if you have any commission on this man please call san francisco police could. >> jazz what brother has been accused of sexual misconduct. >> he has been in harrison for 10 years and he did not tell anybody to yesterday. >> they -- residents spent
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the day handing a fliers are warning residents a there was an accused sexual child molester in their midst. >> of the push to protect children and should be advised. -- peoples of protecting children and should be advised of the sexual molester. >> on to say -- on tuesday they had sent as a letter to former students. they're doing damage control. they have known about the allegations since 2002. this is a high-profile case. >> he had already been
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dismissed once from a another gesture what high school. this man himself was a victim of abuse by clergy said that they have taken no action. >> >>james: san declare county prosecutors say that they will not press charges at this point pin there were not able to pursue them because they're reported after the six years allowed.
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we will have more connection with the abuse case. >> on par with my personal experience that this is happening in this church in general. we need to find whether the claims are credible. they're not unlock them. these guys are free to go appeared we need to do we need to do to prevent these guys from having access to children. others of come forward. >> >>james: he is working on
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creating an organization the help of our victims. what be back with more in just a minute. -- we will be back with more in just a minute.
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>>james: we are getting a report of a fire at at a school on the peninsula. it is believed to have started in the classroom. we will give you a live report is it as we can get that established. >> in chicago teachers continue this strike which is in to their fourth day pin teachers walked off the job because of pay and teacher evaluations. they're getting closer an agreement. the talks are set to continue today.
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this affects 100 schools in the area pi.
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>>james: a memorial is planned for kenyon youngstorm today. it will beat on leisure town road in vacaville. police are advising people to expect slow speeds. and you can watch officer young sam's funeral services on our comm can a chick -- comcast channel 193. it begins at 10 the and. -- 10:00 a.m..
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>>james: on the attack on the u.s. embassy was blamed on the fact that there was a video release that should disrespect to the profit muhammed pin but research find discovers that this is the planned for quite some time. >> the freedom that we enjoy in some tons of free and the take for granted is often threatened because of people might get killed. we are willing to fight for those freedoms. we're willing to stand up for those freedoms.
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as for the ones we lost last night, i want to assure you that we will bring the killers to justice. >> there was some thought that a bomb would cancel his appearance and las vegas but apparently he didn't care and romney >> this is disgusting and breaks the hearts of all bus--us. we mourn the loss and join together in prayer. we hope that the spirit of the almighty make up for the families. >> meanwhile back here in the bay area, a vigil was
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held for ambassadors stephens. the president of the fraternity spoke about the him. >> truman was stand together and fight for good never even appeared. he was the kindest person on the planet in was fun to be around. he was a tree a peacemaker. i was friends with the month facebook right before he became ambassador to libya.
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even though i was concerned for a safety and he would do the job. let's turn our attention to whether pin >>erica: happy thursday. a lot of people are excited about the forecast today. here are the temperatures right now. it is mostly in the '50s. we do have a pretty dense fog along the coast. as to take a look at the visibility chard, we are
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seeing clear conditions but visibility is almost down to zero and half moon bay. >> but lunchtime we will see '60s through out the heart of the bay and '70s in land. as we push the clock to 3:00. a lot of red moves in on the screen and we will see some '90s in the east bay. >> today will be warmer compared to yesterday. it is expected to be the warmest day of the week. here are the temperatures for our afternoon highs.
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the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows that we will continue to see a cooling trend as we start the work week. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is moving smoothly. at the san mateo bridge west bound and east bound this has nothing to report. and the golden gate bridge is contending with patchy fog. everything else is running clear in we have nothing else report. >>james: jean quan spoke
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out about keeping both teams and oakland pin >> oakland mayor made a coast to try to keep the oakland a's. >> we have the heart of the population growth. the population is moving east. >> we start with the raiders as future opsins. the one to occupy a new stadium by 2017. there's some talk about them playing in the 49 this feature stadium in a joint venture in
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the newspapers you know i never say anything. they say that they erred when we are discussing a new stadium with them pin oakland is pushing for a new stadium at the current colosseum location. >> we promise people that this would not be taking out of the general funds. when not talking about the ticket negotiations yet. >>james: traveling by air plan is about to change
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again. what you are going to need to know about security. back a minute.
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>>james: the 911 and tax changes everything. security check courts have created long lines at airport. now they're saying that the checkpoints might be hassle free. >> and russ -- and roughly seven years that airport check points could be hassle free. with the help of a fingerprint or that will stand they could reason through the checkpoint. new technology allows more
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people to be tested. there will be in code and information on your identification. it will be able to identify not only dangerous objects with dangerous people. >> this file you are using in the aegean resources where it is most required if. preapproved frequent fault fires at a growing number of airports will be able to continue quickly. so far, and 2.5 the customers are part of the program on/year. >>james: we will be back with more in a minute.
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take a live look of the golden gate bridge. it looks foggy.
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>>james: welcome back. there was a strange thing in the sky over san francisco. there were numbers in the sky. >> there are five writers in the sky. they would leave a mark. but that was not the case. there were numbers. there were actually this sequence of pi.
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the notes we've only 142 a 96 something something something. >> is a number to be considered by some to be rational -- irrational. we can never really understand what it means. >> this is expected to bring attention to the science by and your. -- bi annual. >>erica: we are seeing clear
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conditions in land. you can make out the lights in the background from our look, mt. tam cam. today could be the warmest day of the week. we will continue with a warm summer light conditions. we will see cooler conditions as we begin the next work week and. we're is fog tracker 4 ca. >> as we advance o'clock closer to 12:00.
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we will see a lot of the cloud cover burn off. here are our afternoon highs neighborhood by neighborhood. the kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows temperatures start to cool appeared it looks like things all- star to cool on friday and saturday in the los see temperatures start to cool down and clouds start to come back at the beginning
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of the work week. >> here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza there are no way it's at the toll plaza. here is a san mateo bridge. there are no problems here. the drive is just 13 minutes from and to and pin -- from and to end. >> the golden gate bridge has patchy fog. >> your truck driver is 23 minutes of novato you can see all of that green in the south bay. >>james: one of new york
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city's efforts to encourage a more healthy living with the banning of sugar have a drinks and drinks and more than 60 out cut some -- 16 an ounce cups will be voted on. >> starting next month the city of civets as those banning the use of plastic bags in retail stores. the new law will apply to all retailers december 1st in
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>> america it is said to to tribune nearly armstrong. he died last month from cardiovascular disease. >> taken of the desert to court. -- take a look at your service report. -- surf report. we will be right back
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>>james: take a look of the streaker. he has a spider-man streaker. he has even a facebook pace. he is charged with of exposure of sexual organs. and some obstruction of justice. our top stories. a memorial service is expected for kenyon youngstrom, the new iphone was released
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care nothing about the features. more coming up.
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>> >>darya: the top stores at the rear falling is that there is developing story on the peninsula aware authorities to try to get control of a fire at a school. >>will: we will come at the to the services sector by to
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a police officer in the area. i will have more details later >>mark: there is a vigil held in berkeley for the u.s. and libyan ambassador who was killed. >>james: let's go to erica for weather. >>erica: today is expected to be the warmest day of the week. it will warm up this afternoon. and looks like we will keep the clear conditions around as we head into the evening. here are the numbers outside the door. the >>george: we are problem free for the morning commute.
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conditions are still light in all areas. >> darya mentioned it earlier. there was a fire that broke out this morning. is it believed to have started in a classroom. it will bring you the latest in a live report. >>darya: will be a funeral for kenyon youngstrom today. police are advise [singing] to expect slower temperatures. and will >> they are expecting the
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governor along with the attorney general to be at the funeral. he was killed last tuesday. he was involved in an incident and alamo were a fellow officer pulled over a carpet -- a car. he was taken to the hospital and died there. his organs were donated to people. he is survived by four people. >> he was a chp officer but before then he was in the reserves. we'll get reaction from the
5:03 am
attendees this morning pin >>darya: a there any possibility that people could stand along the route instead of trying to attend the funeral? >>will: it if you're not involved in this police are telling people to just stay clear of the area. they're telling people to expect several different roads to be jam packed. if you cannot need to be in this area around 730. that is when the procession
5:04 am
will start. >>darya: you can watch officer young sam's funeral on our comcast 93. we will also have it streaming live on >> christopher lacy shot off as a young son. -- kenyon youngstrom. they have discovered that lacy was heading to work heavily armed. he had a loaded pistol magazines.
5:05 am
they're hoping to find answers in his trailer. they also confiscated more bullets come at a handgun and sums shooting targets. >> >>mark: president obama is sending two warships to the libyan coast. the two ships are classified to be the most modern destroyers class. >> stephens graduated from berkeley in 1982. the uc-berkeley ato
5:06 am
fraternity said that they wanted to honor their fallen brother. the president of the fraternity spoke about stephens. >> truman in the world ever can stand together. brother stephens and bothered and body this all of our organization by serving united states. >> he was somebody that you wanted to hang out with him was a true peacemaker. i was proud when he became ambassador to libya. >>mark: rehearsing protests
5:07 am
and ejected as well as yemen. it was sparked by a video that disrespects their profit. >>darya: still ahead on the cot, and for morning news is preparing for the i own. -- preparing for the new iphone. back a minute.
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>>james: apple unveiled the iphone five. the mystery as ever. it is lighter and thinner. it also has a larger screen. it is also for g.
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-- 4g it is made entirely of glass and aluminum. it is unlike anything that we are anyone in our industry has made before. i would say it's not an exaggeration the amount of engineering that is gone into this project was the most challenging the martinez taken on. >>james: it is expected in stores on september 21st thin >>darya: if your set on getting the new-line fun you can set your old iphone. the first option is to sell it yourself. he
5:12 am
>> if you sell it on amazon a crags less you will get the most money. it would depend on whether it your phone is unlocked and it depends on the model on how much you would get ri. you can also use one of the selling services. >>darya: the lagarde way to sell your phone the less money will get. >>mark: there was a fine. it is a very very old appeared we will tell about -- we will tell you about it when we come back.
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and chase what matters.
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>>mark: welcome back to the kron 4 morning new spirit of what to tell you about this wild fire.
5:16 am
this fire as threatening hundreds of homes. in addition to the road that is outlined in blue widgets scotts valley road, it is covered seven square miles. is expected full containment fighter saturday. the four firefighters in a great job saving the homes. the evacuation order has just been lifted. >>darya: though construction workers at the new transit center discovered something. they discovered a part of a job on monday. it weighs very 110 ft. -- it
5:17 am
was buried below the ground. >>james: we have a live pictures from the scene where beach would school is on fire. we understand it started in the classroom. i work crews are they're giving us these live pictures. we will have more information about that later appeared in >> >>erica: a lot of people are excited about the weekend but a lot of people are also excited about today. it is expected to be the warmest day of the week. if your are situated along the coastline we have a pretty dense fog to contend with.
5:18 am
we will seek early clearing hopefully within the next few hours. it looks like that rich of high pressure will begin to weaken as we start the next work week. >> here are the temperatures right now. we are mostly in the '50s. but the afternoon teacher cats for is predicting '70s around the heart of the bay. all the boards was start to show some low 80s. as we push the clock forward to 3:00 we will see some red on the screen.
5:19 am
we would expect plenty of eighties in the south bay. hear the temperatures expected for afternoon highs. we will see livermore ask the hottest place around the bay at 96 degrees. it will be a little bit cooler as we head into tomorrow and saturday. in looks like we will continue with a cooling trend at the beginning of the next work week. let's go to george for traffic. >>george: we have a pretty quiet ride. let's begin with a bridge check. here's a look of the bay bridge could
5:20 am
the san mateo bridge ride is good pin >> the commute to the golden gate bridge is a little bit foggy this morning. the let's take a look injured east bay ride. as we heard kron 4 will tran mentioned, the procession will head south on 29 and will go east to interstate 80.
5:21 am
then the procession will had from highway 12. >>darya: this is just in. new discoveries for a jesuit teacher in the south bay. >> this is the beach with school burning. this fire is horrible thin obviously has to start the entire school. if we can back we can get a
5:22 am
look. this started in a classroom appeared as you can see they are trying to fight it from above. you think guess the the are not doing any rescues and our standing away from the fire right now. there is nothing really to safe. they're basically trying to keep the fire contained. >>mark: we will have an update on the market ahead.
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>>mark: we're watching bay area stocks.
5:26 am
they spokes dock went up yesterday a could sit% -- facebook stock went up 8%. we are watching out will stock. investors liked what they saw with the iphone five. apple's stock went up $9 per share yesterday. in a news with the federal reserve today. they're wrapping up a policy meeting. possibly the federal reserve will begin to buy mortgages mortgage-backed securities. maybe they can encourage some home buying here and
5:27 am
the u.s.. also have the weekly jobless numbers coming out in a few minutes. >>darya: median households fell 1 1/2% from a year earlier still some 46 million people fell below the poverty line last year. meantime the rich got richer of the past year. their income grew by 6% last year a pit >> why it was there an
5:28 am
increase in health coverage last year? it's because a large percentage of the people are buying health insurance from the government. >> you have the latest on a fire burning at a school in menlo park.
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5:30 am
>>darya: there's a fire at a private school named beech would school appeare. kelly is on the scene. -- of yoli is on the scene.
5:31 am
>>yoli: we cannot even get close to the fire. i am on the backside of the school. it does not look like it is the main structure. there's a lot of snow. it looks like it has damaged more than one classroom. you get to see how melted down this one particular classroom is. pg&e he is here yet they
5:32 am
were fussing with this whole right here. there were coined to cut off yet electricity to the school. he can see the firefighters attacked as from the top. >>darya: tell me about this neighborhood here >>yoli: i am on the backside which runs along the water. it is very deserted on the road that i am on. >> we only know that it is a private school.
5:33 am
we know how big the school is? is it a big school? >>yoli: from and what i can see it looks like the structure is in front of these bungalows that easy here. it is a fair size cool-- school. it looks like the other buildings are made of just what did. this allows for more fuel for the fire. >>darya: this one picture right here is coming from the ground and then we see the high ladder truck.
5:34 am
>>yoli: the firefighters would not allow people to come down the road where they had their trucks and. that is why i ended up on a back road behind the school. >>darya: you can see this note in flames shooting from the roof of this school in menlo park di. this and it is an attempt to contain this fire that broke out of 4:00 a.m. this morning. from the back side it looks like it has not spread to any of the other buildings could >> this is something that we will continue to keep you
5:35 am
posted on. >>james: we have erica standing by to look for the forecast. >>erica: we have at this guy sunshine the team much everywhere. it is expected to be the warmest day of week. here are the temperatures right now. they're mostly in the '50s. today is going to be sunny and warmer climate into the mid-90s and some of our inland areas. tomorrow it will be have warm -- we will have your mother a clear skies. them below beyond we will have a car high-pressure
5:36 am
system weakened in have cooler weather. >>george: your quick commute check shows that the slow spot is interstate 580 in highway 4. >>mark: the funeral service for kenyon youngstrom will take place the 10:00 this morning. do not go there and expect to find a seat. please are advising you -- police are advising you to expect slow speeds if you had to that area. we will have a live report all day long leading up to the funeral. if you like to watch the
5:37 am
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>>mark: we are following violent protests outside the u.s. embassy. there's also a new protest a cairo. this is after the death of four americans. the attack happened around 11:00 at night. they said that there was a video that the trade there profit muhammed in an unflattering way. the protests were actually a diversion that took place
5:41 am
during the attack. >> more on the amateur film maker said it shows that he is an egyptian christian cared the film there shooting was not anti islamic at all. >>darya: we are falling and breaking news right now. you can see this cool on fire. it is a kindergarten through eighth grade school.
5:42 am
the fire is not merely out to yet. and when we are looking at the scene from further back you can see that they are attacking this fire from the top and on the ground. what does fall smell like?
5:43 am
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>>darya: breaking news out of menlo park. . it is these whimsical and it deals with the grades kindergarten through eighth grade. yoli, it does look like they are making progress. >>yoli: absolutely darya. you are watching and then pour a lot of water down on this fire.
5:46 am
they are still in a defensive mode. they're still trying to keep the media back. the police are very active with a lot of patrol cars and fire engines. >>darya: we're talking about the neighborhood. we have a google map that shows you there are a few the pta has already come out to help. there are a few homes that are close by.
5:47 am
there is a high laughter trucked -- is a high ladder trucks bring down to make sure these lanes and not spread. they really discontinue to pour water down on to that fire. they're trying to get a handle on it. as they're about to go to the whether james i am wondering about the wind. >>james: the wind is not too big of a factor this morning. the money erica -- good morning erica >> >>erica: it looks like windsor blowing to the west. hopefully that will not cause too much trouble.
5:48 am
we're looking live at the golden gate bridge this morning. we are looking at the cloud cover that is over the coastline. in terms of his ability usc that the visibility is less than 1 mi. and a half moon bay. there is hazardous conditions in that area. you have to be extra cautious. we will see the '60s by 12:00 mean in the along the bay and in the '70s in the
5:49 am
heart of the day along with it eighties in the east bay. them by 3:00 we will see the 90s mid in for some of the places in the east bay. the 7 day around the bay forecast shows temperatures become a little bit cooler as we head into the weekend. we will continue with the cooling trend as we begin the next work week. he can always check the weather on comcast 193. >>george: we are still looking at a hot spot free ride around the bay area.
5:50 am
of course we have interstate 4 and interstate 580. they are already heavy. there are no problems across the bay bridge. the ride to the san mateo bridge a 11 minute drive time. in your commute to the golden gate bridge is foggy but no problems. >> there is a 60 minute commute from hercules to berkeley. this 17 minute drive time heading north of the coyote valley. the ride is under 25 minutes out and a bottle. -- out of novato.
5:51 am
>> is no secret that the war years old going to move to 7 cisco. >> jean quan says we are the heart of the growth of the bay area. they will begin negotiating with all the teams but declined to provide any details. >>darya: take a look at them surf report. we are continuing to follow are breaking story out of menlo park with the elementary school fire pi.
5:52 am
this is right near 101 so you may see the smoke or the flames. we'll be right back i.
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the. >> testhere will be eight memorial service for mail armstrong. the bobbitt duke and duchess also the on a night state tore through
5:56 am
southeast asia and today they are going towards malaysia. >> china succeeded at this year's panda breeding program. south-east has risen from six. does that rescued from the wild to be about up 113! so far, they're helping war survival rates. and i look at that all politics. the about-- more survival rates. -this level of self sustaining grosse growth. encouraged by these numbers of the rescue stabilize or rate. that is just adorable and then you have been stupid human tricks. a lot and that is
5:57 am
spread t-his over the internet this was in florida up your he whispered a spider bandmaster they could not tell who he was but he got into a getaway car. perhaps he had a friend over there waiting and that was the brilliant plan. and a brilliant. and he got a quick look at the license. and now they have-he even has a passbo facebook fan page. and look at it that he is a streaker. following developments from menlo park. and also the fallen officer will be remembered in vacaville. and the u.s. ambassador also remembered
5:58 am
at the candlelight vigil and berkeley. it like a like
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